To my darling Aspasia with true love.
(circa 1952)

Finally to Realize
When unknowing babes, carelessly we stumble through life's path,
Never knowing the wonderful truth our hearts' mind hath.
Constantly drawn by desire for that which seems secure,
Not knowing which is and which is not for sure.
We see with our eyes, but see not at all,
We feel with our senses and still we fall,
We taste what we blindly believe to be sweet,
But in our blindness we find our folly a bitter treat.

We gorge ourselves with vanity that others may want,
Then with pain we find nothing as its base to fount.
Our head then hangs in sorrowed shame to conceal our wound so sore,
And evil rears its ugly head and forces itself again to the fore.
How many times must we fall before we realize our useless plight?
When are we to see the way to glory is not with God to fight?
His way is magnificently straight and yet so narrow,
But never fear so long as you have faith to be guided by His arrow.

His way is truth which mothers the Tree of Fruitful Life,
Gladly giving its sweet fruit of love, and protection from strife.
His way will be shown to you at any moment you desire,
But first you must show Him your loving obedience which He does require.

The way is truth and sincere compassionate love.
Open your heart that you may see the awakening to the light above.
See at last your finite weakness with your mind's eye.
Then gaze with awe at the blinding wonderful inspiration of ecstatic love beyond any sigh.
Finally to realize why our life has been folly to live,
Because we would not see that in order to receive we first must give.


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